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Our Story

Pachamama began in 1990 when David Child and Cathy Stirland started trading goods from the Andean Mountains of South America, the inspiration for our name which translates as "Earth Mother" from Quechua the ancient language of the Incas. Since 1996 we began fairly trading handmade 100% wool clothing, accessories and homeware made in Nepal.

Fair Trade

Since those early days Pachamama has developed strong and sustainable relationships with our suppliers based on mutual respect for all links in the chain of production - from sourcing and collecting raw materials to designing and marketing finished products. We have been loyal to our original philosophy on fair trade and have been working with some of the same producers for 20 years - ensuring continuous and solid economic and social growth for a large number of people. Pachamama is a proud member of BAFTS - the British Association for Fair Trade Shops and Suppliers.

Pachamama Style

At a time when the high streets of most towns and cities are populated by the same chain stores, selling the same mass-produced clothes, it is our aim to help our customers express their individuality by offering them something a little different.

At Pachamama very little time passes without us working on new designs, and because our products are handmade on a relatively small scale it is highly unlikely you will meet someone wearing the same thing. While the designs are constantly changing, the underlying style remains the same - a use of natural materials, colour and symbol.

There is a huge range to choose from! At one end of the scale, you will find simple classics that highlight the natural beauty of the material - sometimes with a little Pachamama twist. At the other end of the scale, you will find complex patterns that show off the skill of our extraordinary knitters.

Slow Fashion

What all our products have in common is that they are sustainable, ethical and made with great deal of patience, care and love. Pachamama is at the forefront of the slow fashion movement, as each item is designed for life and made to last.

Many of our customers tell us that they 'just live in their Pachamama knitwear'. Nothing makes us happier than to hear this - comfort, warmth and practicality with individual handmade design to mark you out from the crowd - that is our aim.


The majority of our production is village based, with our knitters supplementing their incomes from farming and fitting production around their own family and work commitments. A small number of people work in a factory environment to make hand framed knitting, to hand finish and pack our garments, and to produce a range of hand felted items. All these people work in excellent conditions and receive benefits and pay above the local standards.

Despite the seasonal nature of our business Pachamama is committed to providing year round orders for our knitters to ensure a regular and reliable income.