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What personal data do we take?
When placing an order with Pachamama it is a simple fact that we need your name, address and contact telephone and email to be able to fulfill your order! This is the personal data that we take through our website when you enter your details on our checkout page. So, when you input information on our website we primarily use this to make sure that your contract is fulfilled and that your goods are delivered.
We do retain this order information to make sure that we can respond to any queries or problems that might arise with the order (e.g. if it becomes faulty or is not delivered on time) and so we can make appropriate contact if necessary.
How else do we use it?
When placing an order you will have the option of subscribing to marketing content. If you have opted in then we will occasionally contact you with information that we think you would like to hear about. You always have the option to unsubscribe to any marketing content that we send by following the link at the bottom of emails sent, or by using our website contact form or giving us a call on 020 8269 1550.
Order information is also essential for us to plan and prepare new products for future seasons and to ensure we can produce new Pachamama designs.
Who else sees it?
We do not sell on any personal data. Nor do we buy it. Any information that you send to us will only be passed on to our partners who need your information so that we can fulfil your contract. This will be delivery companies we use, and Sage Pay, our gateway payment facility provider.

Online security and payments has an up to date SSL certificate and so any data transferred on our website is secured between the web server and browser.
When placing an order with Pachamama Ltd and paying by card all sensitive information is processed by Opayo, our gateway payment facility, who ensure the security of your information with the latest encryption standards.
Your name, address and contact details will be used by Opayo for prevention against fraud.
For more information, visit the Opayo website here.


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When you use the Pachamama website you agree to our use of cookies. However, if you wish to turn off cookies, you can do so through your browser. This can lead to a reduction in the functionality of our website.