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Caring For Your Woolly Knitwear - FAQs
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The care label says Dry Clean Only or Machine Wash at 30°C. Can I hand wash instead?
  • Yes! You can hand wash your woolly garments in cold water using a detergent for wool or delicates. Please make sure to dry your jumpers lying flat to avoid them stretching. Do not tumble dry.
How often do I need to wash my wool accessories and jumpers?
  • You should only wash them if you really need to. The wonderful thing about wool is that it is naturally antibacterial, meaning you don’t need to wash woollies very often. You can refresh your wool products simply by hanging them outside on a breezy day.
Why has my woolly item shrunk in the wash when I’ve washed it at 30°C as stated in the label?
  • Unfortunately we’ve seen a few cases where this has happened – and this is generally due to machines’ temperatures not being calibrated properly. Wool is quite sensitive to heat and while it is totally safe to wash in 30 degrees, it will shrink at 40!
  • If you are unsure about your machine’s temperature, then we recommend to hand wash in cold water instead just to be safe.
How do I properly store my wool jumpers?
  • You can safely store your jumpers by folding them instead of hanging to keep their shape. Especially for unlined jumpers, these are created using heavy yarn and will stretch if hung up.
  • For long term storage, we advise to store your knitwear in airtight bags to keep excess moisture, moths, and dust out.
  • It is essential that wool garments are cleaned before storing away for the summer. This not only preserves their quality but also helps deter moth infestations, ensuring your favourite garments remain in top condition.
Why does my wool smell?
  • High-quality wool products contain lanolin, which is naturally secreted by sheep. This is what makes their coats waterproof. If you are sensitive to the smell, you can simply air it over a line, outdoors.
There is a piece of yarn sticking out of my jumper. What do I do?
  • The yarn may simply be ends tied by hand, and this can be easily tucked in with a pen top or something similar. Please remember that our knitwear is handmade, so occasionally there will be tiny imperfections that make each piece unique.
  • If you are unsure about it, please do reach out to us with a photo and we are more than happy to help!