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Pachamama & Covid-19
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We are still delivering.

Whilst some of our UK staff have been working from home, our warehouse is still operating. This means we can still take orders and aim to deliver as normal, although our carriers are generally taking a few more days to deliver than would usually be expected.

We are committed to continuing to give orders to our suppliers.

Whilst many fashion/accessory companies have been heavily hit by big factory closures in China and other local regions, our knitters for the most part work at home, which means they can continue to knit without compromising their health and safety. That they can continue to earn is important to give them some security in this very economically and socially turbulent time. Nepal is a country where many of the poorest and most vulnerable people will have no safety net against the economic and social impact of this unprecedented global lockdown, and we want to continue offering the option to work where safe and sensible to do. Our objective has always been to socially and economically improve those in disadvantaged regions of the world through trade, and our view is that if we can safely trade, this income is of greater importance than ever.

We are monitoring the situation closely.

We understand there is a fine balance of protecting the health and safety of everyone in our supply chain and providing them economic security by continuing to operate. We are continually reviewing our operations and all decisions are taken with these factors front of mind.
We hope you all stay safe at home!
Cosy up, hunker down!
The Pachamama Team